Sony ZV1 街頭攝影:台北市文青街「赤峰街」! | Sony Zv1 Street Photography in Taipei Chifeng St.

sony zv1拍照效果,第一次漫步在赤峰街上,可以明顯感受到赤峰街的歷史背景,並與文青小店創意結合的一條街,呈現出過去的歷史與現代的新意碰撞出的氛圍,一點都不衝突!反而體現出新的懷舊文創的新面貌。



Walking on Chifeng Street for the first time, you can clearly understand the historical background of Chifeng Street, and a street that combines the creativity of Wenqing Xiaodian, presents the past history and modern innovation collide, and there is no conflict at all! Instead, it reflects the new look of new nostalgic cultural creation.

Although there are not many people on the holiday, the iron shop is closed, but you can relax and walk on the street leisurely, looking east and west, everywhere is amazed, and it is really impressive.

We seem to be exploring, looking forward to seeing small shops with cultural and creative characteristics, let us go in and stroll around.

―― Timestamps

  • 0:04 花博公園 | Taipei EXPO Park
  • 0:05 捷運圓山站 | MRT Yuanshan Station
  • 0:12 捷運中山站 | MRT Zhongshan Station
  • 0:22 赤峰街 | Chifeng Street
  • 2:30 建成公園 | JianCheng Park
  • 2:40 赤峰街教會 | Presbyterian Church in Taiwan Chifeng Church

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