Sony ZV1 街頭攝影:米其林必比登 Michelin Bibi Deng 推薦人氣早餐店「阜杭豆漿 」 | Street Photography in FuHang Soybean Milk

sony zv1拍照效果,一個臨時興起的早上,回味已久的傳統中式早餐,懷念阜杭豆漿的厚蛋夾油條,淡淡的燒餅甜味,配上軟硬適中的剛炸好油條,夾著蛋一口咬下口感順滑,搭配著油條讓口感富有嚼勁,最後再配上一碗濃濃的米漿一口喝下,嘴巴裡充滿著米漿香氣,真是令人滿足口慾的早餐。


On a temporary morning, a long aftertaste of the traditional Chinese breakfast, I miss the thick egg tiao with soy milk in Fuhang, the light biscuits cake, and the soft and hard freshly fried dough tiao, which is smooth and slippery with a bite between the egg. Paired with fried dough sticks to make it full and chewy, and finally paired with a bowl of thick rice, Barry is full of rice milk, a really satisfying breakfast.

After breakfast, the wolf mask walked at Taipei Main Station. On the one hand, he ate a delicious breakfast. On the other hand, he recorded the Taipei station. The spirit was beyond the people’s highly self-disciplined life. Finally, he walked back to the bus station. Home.

―― Timestamps

  • 0:00 阜杭豆漿 | Fuhang Soy Milk
  • 0:24 捷運善導寺站 | Shandao Temple MRT Station
  • 0:49 誠品站前店 | Eslite Station Front Store
  • 1:00 台北車站(東三門) | Taipei Main Station (East Third Gate)
  • 1:18 公園路 | Gongyuan Rd., Zhongzheng Dist.
  • 1:37 台北車站(忠孝)公車站 | Taipei Main Station (Zhongxiao) bus station

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